Huh?? Iran's supreme leader just released a CGI video of Iran assassinating Trump 🤨
· Jan 13, 2022 ·

What in the actual heck??

Yeah, that's an official video shared by the supreme leader of Iran. It's super low quality and you gotta love the screen that says "hacking" lolol, but hoo boy!

Revenge is definite.

Yeah, this is just a reminder that General Soleimani was a mass-murdering psychopath who spent decades learning how to better kill and torture people – and he was actively planning attacks against U.S. troops when Trump gave the order to shuffle off Soleimani's mortal coil.

Can you imagine if the U.S. or any other non-terrorist-led nation created a video like this? Seriously, imagine France making a video where they assassinate Putin. Imagine Brazil making a video where they assassinate Xi Jingping. That country would be lucky not to get bombed into oblivion.

And yet Iran currently sits on the U.N.'s Women's Rights Commission, is treated with kid gloves by Joe Biden, and is regularly praised by the weird globalist dummies who say they care about liberty and rights.

Anyway, if I had to guess at Trump's response to this, I imagine it'd be something like this:

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