Watch: Outkick's Clay Travis Absolutely Smokes "Elite" Colleges And Universities For Their Nonsense Covid Policies

Jan 13th

The elite, Ivy League, universities are supposed to be where the best and brightest are formed. To get into these schools is an honor, to work there, is an even greater achievement.

But, thanks to this left-wing psychosis around Covid, rational thought has completely left the building.

Watch as Outkick's Clay Travis absolutely torches the idiocy of the Covid rules at some of our elite campuses.

Think about this: Princeton, right now, is not allowing students to leave the county. Yale is requiring quarantine, they're not allowing kids to eat outside off campus.

These are just small measures that are being put in place that make zero sense, cause the kids are already double vaccinated, many are already boostered, they are not in any way under danger from Covid in any kind of statistical manner in the first place.

All of these new mandates that have cropped up because of Omicron are absolutely superfluous. They do nothing to prevent the spread of Covid.

Clay goes on to point out the irony that it's these "elite" colleges who are supposed to teach people how to think that are actually demonstrating they have no idea how to assess risk or danger.

One of the big things we teach at college is; how do you assess risk, how do you become an adult? What we are seeing is colleges are failing kids are failing kids at what should be their primary goal and primary directive, which is; how do you become an adult?

They're treating these kids like they are young children, and they are also treating them like they are under a great deal of danger when they are not.

All of these college kids are under more danger driving to and from campus than they are from Covid once they get there.

I'm glad someone is out there saying this.

The Covid rules at these schools are insane. They have no basis in reality.

GK Chesterton said it best:

Without education we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.

People need to wake up and realize that the "best and brightest" among us are often not that bright.

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