Is This a Joke? Biden: If Kamala and I Disagree "I'll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have To Resign"
· · Dec 4, 2020 ·

Yes. Surely, yes. It has to be a joke.

In one of the most awkward television moments of all time, Joe Biden apparently attempts to make a joke about his and Kamala's relationship and that joke goes over like a lead balloon.

{Insert cricket sounds here}

When Biden says that he'll develop a disease and resign if he and his Vice President, Kamala Harris, disagree he is quite clearly trying to make a joke. He starts to smile before he says it and you can tell he's winding up to say something he's sure will get a few laughs.

It did not get any laughs.

It was instead met with one of the most awkward silences ever heard in American politics. A silence that can only be interpreted as "how did he find out?"

If Kamala thought it was a joke she should have laughed. Lord knows she is capable of "laughing" on command.

Not only do you have the silent response from Harris and Tapper, but you have CNN do us all a tremendous favor by cutting to Kamala Harris so we can see her reaction to this statement by Biden.

The face you make when someone spoils your evil plan

Kamala not only doesn't laugh, but she also does her condescending head shake we saw so much during her debate with Mike Pence. She looks at Sleepy Joe in a disapproving manner as if to say "you better change topics NOW!"

Joe sees the look, is scared to death, probably thinks "oh crud! I gave the game away" and tries to recover. Biden mumbles and fumbles over what to say next until Kamala gives him the head nod, signaling that he's back on the right track.

Watch it again, this is exactly what happens.

Kamala Harris, at that moment, is in complete control of Joe Biden. He knows he goofed. I'm not sure if this is more like a hostage situation or a child being scolded by his mother. Either way, it's awkward, embarrassing, and also pretty hilarious.

If you ask me why Biden made this joke, it's clearly an insurance policy. He's seen the memes, he's heard the jokes, he knows what everyone is thinking. They're thinking that Kamala is just waiting for Biden to leave office so she can take the Presidency for herself. But you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart sleepy Joe! Or sleep in late, he's usually back in bed by 10 AM (it's a brief window). Anyways, Biden is a little too cunning for that, so he spoils that plan by joking about it on live TV.

Or he's a confused and awkward old man who doesn't know what's going on.

Either way, it's hard not to look forward to the comedy value that this four year run of the new Odd Couple will bring.


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