This criminal brutally assaulted two Korean women with a cinder block. Is this more of that anti-Asian white supremacy I keep hearing about?
· May 4, 2021 ·

On Sunday night, a random man took a cinder block to the faces of two Korean women who own a liquor store. I will warn you that this video is quite graphic:

  • The good news: The suspect was arrested and both women survived, although one needed 30 stitches. A fundraiser has been set up to help them.
  • The bad news: This is another example of violence against Asians that doesn't fit the story the media has been pushing for months.

The women said they had never seen this man before and that he simply approached the store and began wailing on them.

"It's not about Asian, white, black or whatever, this is humanity," said former Baltimore delegate Bilal Ali. "As a former representative of the community, I'm saying enough is enough of this nonsense."

To me, the fact that this evil man has more melanin than others is inconsequential. He's a criminal of the lowest denominator beating two women with a concrete block.

But to the woke, skin color is everything. To the woke, the scourge of white racism is what's driving society's woes. And yet time and time again, I see attacks that don't fit the narrative, almost like white supremacy and race have little to do with these crimes.

The media doesn't want to cover those stories.

Instead, the woke still spin it to be all about white people.

Oh, by the way, this hammer attack also just happened, in Manhattan (again, graphic):

Yes, these are hard to watch. It's hard to struggle against the media's narratives and deal with real, raw human issues.

What are the consequences if we don't?

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