It took nearly 4 years and more than $500,000 but San Francisco has finally selected its next public trash can!
· Dec 28, 2022 ·

Like all other city dwellers, San Franciscans gotta have somewhere to throw their garbage. And after nearly half a decade and over half a million bucks, the city is giving it to them:

After spending nearly four years and $550,000 on an odyssey to custom design the city's next trash can, San Francisco appears to have picked a new garbage receptacle.

On Thursday, city officials announced they'd selected the Slim Silhouette, which they touted as durable, tamper-resistant and easy to clean. The design was one of six trash receptacles publicly tested over the summer and one of three that was custom designed.

The "Slim Silhouette," huh? This is what it looks like:

That's, uh, definitely a trash can.

I mean it looks like a place you'd throw trash, it's true.

I gotta say, city leaders did really go all-out in testing in the cans:

"Slim Silhouette emerged as the top pick after a 2½-month pilot that put the different models to the rigors of real-life testing in a total of 52 locations across a broad cross section of San Francisco," Public Works officials said in a statement.

The "rigors of real-life testing?" It's a trash can. What could possibly be so rigorous about it??

Public Works has defended the downright Homeric search, arguing the city had unique needs that required a custom approach. Officials said they needed a can that was small enough to fit on San Francisco's narrow sidewalks, large enough to hold a 32-gallon container and secure enough to prevent break-ins.

"Prevent break-ins?" Who's breaking into it??


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