It’s not about science, it’s about ideology
· May 5, 2021 ·

Sometime mid-afternoon last Saturday, President Joe Biden offered a little heartfelt encouragement to the American people:

There was something almost poetic about the accompanying picture that effectively undermined the very sentiment Mr. Biden attempted to convey. The image of our president and first lady, germ sacks securely in place over their mouths, tells all of us there is nothing about our current course that screams optimism.

Please understand it's not that I'm a pessimist as much as a realist. No one in their right mind can look at the state of this country's progressive leadership and conclude that we are "progressing" in a positive or encouraging direction.

To clarify, when I say "leadership," I don't just mean those in elected positions of power. Leadership includes the influential voices in society that shape and form public opinion far more than the politicians – entertainers, athletes, performers, social media titans. It also includes those who have illegitimately appropriated the flow of information to the masses, whether through manipulative online search engines, elementary and high school curriculum, university lecterns, or evening newscasts.

I can't feel optimistic about the future of our civilization because of them – because of their prevailing and insatiable commitment to ideology over science. As the post-vaccination-but-masked-while-outdoors first family demonstrates, the truthfulness of that indictment has never been more evident than it is right now. But it's always been true.

  • The push to enshrine naturalistic neo-Darwinism as the de-facto religion of the state by exclusively teaching its doctrines and assumptions to gullible youth despite its glaring, almost comically absurd assumptions, as well as its flagrant inconsistencies with observable, established fact?
  • The desperate cries of "global cooling" -turned- "global warming" -turned- "climate change," all weaponized in order in order to hijack the world's consumption of energy, even as doing so locked developing countries in crippling poverty, stifled the expansion of cleaner and more efficient nuclear power, and shut down safer pipelines in exchange for the pollution of rail transport?
  • The "tumor," "parasite," "clump of cells," "bodily autonomy" justification used to deprive a separate and distinct human life of her most fundamental rights, even as our understanding of fetal development has perfected, and medical technology has pushed back the point of viability to staggeringly early stages of pregnancy?
  • The cringeworthy expansion of supposed genders, the renunciation of a sexual binary, all in deference to a supposed sliding scale of gender fluidity, despite having staked the entire efficacy of feminism and the civil rights of homosexuals upon the existence of a distinct male/female reality?
  • The embarrassing celebration and public promotion of the so-called Florida beach grim reaper, who trolled families for taking their kids to the beach, despite the fact that it was a near metaphysical certitude that sunlight was the best thing in the world for all of us?

And now, after months of shaming citizens, fining churches, and discrediting governors for not "following science" and listening to the CDC's guidance about mask-wearing, what do our progressive overlords do? They show up outdoors, post-vaccination, for a double-masked display of COVID theater.

Why? What can make sense out of all of these flagrant violations of the "science" progressives claim to care so much about? How about this: it has never been about the sanctity of science, it has always been about ideological supremacy.

Remember, one of the core tenets of progressivism is its prideful rebellion to God. And so after fighting to impeach His proper authority from the public square, its adherents know they must offer something to fill the resulting vacuum.

For years they have deceived the masses claiming the alternative they promote is a pragmatic commitment to science. What rubbish. Count this latest example as more evidence that such a claim is nothing but a thin veil shrouding their feverish worship, not of science, but of ideology and power.


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