It's the first week of September and the Christmas stuff is already starting and someone needs to put a stop to it
· Sep 7, 2021 ·

Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year. Retailers regularly put out holly and mistletoe and rope lights before Halloween. It's ridiculous and annoying and nobody really likes it but it keeps happening.

It's getting worse, too, and at a geometric rate. We are currently still in the first week of September and we're already seeing headlines like this:

Is it too early for Christmas decorations? Shop puts festive items on sale in August

Yes, yes it is too early! It is incredible that anyone even needed to ask that. Any time prior to Thanksgiving is honestly "too early." Putting Christmas stuff out in August, meanwhile, is officially considered a crime against humanity by the Hague.

It's not just retailers:

Mum turns house into a huge Santa's grotto more than three months before Christmas

The extensive decorations include a whopping 4,800 outdoor lights

I'm sorry, "mum" or not, they should throw the book at this woman. Look in the municipal rules ledger, her HOA agreement, wherever—there's gotta be something you can nab her with.

Psychologists, meanwhile, are reportedly encouraging people to engage in this terrible practice:

Feeling Down? Putting Up Christmas Decor Early Could Boost Your Mood

It won't, though. It might make you feel good for a few minutes but then the dopamine will wear off and the shame will creep in and you'll crash. Then you'll just keep putting up more and more Christmas decorations to try and catch the elusive high.

The whole thing is quite obviously destroying the social fabric that keeps our communities together:

Resist, people! Keep your Christmas stuff in the attic until at least a week before Thanksgiving, later if possible!

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