Japanese companies are taking "furries" to a whole new level with realistic animal costumes straight out of your nightmares
· May 26, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Do you have $15,000 to drop on a costume that will make you look like a dog?

Well, Japanese company Blast Entertainment has you covered with their costumes that are creepier than the anamorphic cartoon outfits furries usually wear.

This collie costume was made for a customer by the name of Toco.

Toco posted the video with this caption:

I ordered a kigurumi (costumed character)! Thanks to it I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming an animal!

(Again, he spent $15,000 on this thing.)

We could go into the deviant psychosis that is furry culture, but instead, let's take a look at that costume again. Tell me it doesn't look like bad special effects from a '70s movie.

Here's the costume:

Here's a still from the 1979 movie C.H.O.M.P.S. (one of these dogs is real, the other is nightmare fuel):

Maybe it's the lifeless eyes or the faux fur, but they both give me the heebie jeebies.

The special effects connection makes sense though, I guess. Blast Entertainment normally creates costumes and puppets for Japanese programming. Here's some of their work from a show called Mukashibanashi Hotei (Fairy Tale Tribunal), where fairy tale characters are put on trial under today's law.

And honestly, the costumes seem to work in that context.

Maybe it's the transhumanist attempt to supplant life and God's created order that bothers me so much?

Of course, if none of this is your cup of tea, there's another Japanese company called Shindo Rinka that will create a giant head for you to wear in the likeness of your pet.

That's much better. Good luck sleeping tonight.

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