Japan's birth rate hits record low: Over two people died for every baby born ๐Ÿ‘€
ยท Feb 29, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Japan is surrendering itself to the dustbin of history.

Look what modernity hath wrought:

The Japanese are dying twice as fast as they're being born.

This is not just a recipe for societal and racial collapse, it's a civilizational tragedy.

It's generational hari-kari.

Births in 2023 fell for the eighth consecutive year, to 758,631, a drop of 5.1 percent, preliminary data released Tuesday showed.

The number of deaths, at 1,590,503, was more than double that figure, meaning the overall population declined by 831,872.

For a population of around 125 million, losing close to a million people every year is unsustainable. It's bad for humanity to have an older and older population. Contrary to what the climate cultists say, collapse ("degrowth") is not good for people or the planet.

While falling birthrates are seen as a "Western issue" to be solved by mass migration, it's really an issue of modern society.

In addition to a record low number of babies, Japan also saw a record low number of new marriages in their country last year as well.

In 2023, 489,281 marriages were registered, down 5.9 percent from the previous year and the first time they were under half a million.

The number is the lowest since 1933, when 486,058 couples tied the knot. At the time, the Japanese population was roughly 70 million compared to around 124 million now.

It looks bleak.

Once again, those "fundamentalist" types who warned about the slippery slope and emphasized the importance of marriage, family, and tradition don't look so crazy now, do they?

There's only one solution:

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