Karine Jean-Pierre: "Americans feel better about their personal finances" because of Biden's policies 🫠
· Jun 26, 2023 · NottheBee.com

I would laugh at this lie if my family wasn't hurting so much right now.

The heck is she talking about?

Most of those 13 million jobs were from the economy finally reopening under the twisted Covid policies that locked everybody down.

All the money printing devalued our currency so our dollars are worth less, so any wage increases are moot.

Real talk: My family and I scrambled to buy two used vehicles over the last year and a half.


Because, in this greatest-of-all-economies, we saw scarcity and inflation ramping up. We realized that we needed 2 reliable vehicles for our family of 6 to make it through the next DECADE and it might be difficult for us to afford that if we didn't push to get it done now. The insane appreciation of used cars and the skyrocketing rates have proven that decision to be wise (if not painful).

We have had to tighten our belts. We've cut way down on groceries. We've cut way back on outings and restaurants.

We are thankful that we bought a starter home before the newlyweds who just moved in next door. Their house, a small '50s ranch smaller than ours, sold for well over double what we paid a few years back... and with insanely higher interest rates.

As a young couple that's focused on building our family these past years, we've learned to operate on a tight budget, but what's happened under Biden has made us feel as if we've been knocked back at least 5 years in real earnings. It is horrible. It's horrible to try to tell your kids that we're not going to have a YMCA membership for a time to save money, or that we're not going to go out for ice cream this weekend because we want to be responsible with our money. Our faith sustains us as we face this storm together.

Thanks to Biden (and Obama), private insurance is no longer affordable, forcing our family into the alternative economy of direct-pay and bill sharing with a Christian community. Even there, prices are beginning to increase due to inflation. A hospital birth was too expensive for our fourth child born this month, so we opted for a midwife service.

"Rolls off the tongue."


KJP, before you tell us how our Supreme Leader makes the sun rise in the east (and deserves things like a 10% from Chinese associates for his trouble), maybe take the pulse of America. You live in the capital of Panem. The rest of us live in the districts and are facing down the coming Hunger Games. Your flippant attitude is more polished but every ounce as bad as the tyrants of old.

Americans are hurting. Bad. Shame on you and your boss for pretending otherwise.

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