Jen Psaki believes huge groups of looters are stealing designer clothes and jewelry because of Covid 🤡
· Dec 2, 2021 ·

If you believe that the 'Rona is actually deadly to everyone outside the very elderly and very immunocompromised, perhaps this makes sense:

For the rest of us who have been following the actual data, hanging out, and doing life with no "social distancing" or cotton strapped to our face, Psaki's statement is beyond parody.

Like most of Psaki's moments, they come on the heels of a question-grenade being lobbed at her by Fox's Peter Doocy (also known as the only current journalist in the White House press pool).

It's obvious that Doocy's job is to push back against her statements (this was the job of all journalists up until 5 minutes ago when Biden emerged with his chocolate chip ice cream), but we shouldn't discard her replies just because it was a "gotcha" question.

Psaki – and by extension, the leader of the free world – believes that crime is out of control and people are stealing designer handbags because of Covid (or at least that's the story she's sticking with).

  • Not because of lockdowns that crippled the economy.
  • Not because of how the media and Democrats (sigh.. but I repeat myself) have enflamed racial tensions and blamed everything on wHitE sUpReMaCy.
  • Not because police departments have been defunded at the same time that crime has been legalized and the jails have been flung open.
  • Not because of cancel culture and suppression of rights and liberty.
  • Not because of a blind eye toward violent inner city crime, human trafficking, and the drug trade (including Big Pharma).
  • And most importantly, not because human nature is depraved and needs checks to ensure civilization doesn't collapse.

Nope, it's all Covid's fault!

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