Jerry Seinfeld was offered $110 million to do a 10th season of Seinfeld. He declined.
· May 16, 2023 ·

Seinfeld managed to pull off multiple seasons of brilliance without ever really becoming stale or outdated.

Its last two seasons were a bit choppy after Larry David bowed out, but the show ended more or less at the top of the pack, a rarity for sitcoms.

What's even more incredible is how much money Jerry Seinfeld passed up by ending it when he did:

[Mild Language Warning]

Howard Stern: Warren Littlefield wrote that if you would have given him another season of Seinfeld, he would have paid you $110 million for the year. $110 million.

Jerry Seinfeld: I could've gotten more than that.

Howard Stern: You could've gotten more than that. Is that the ultimate integrity? You were done.

Seinfeld: You know, it wasn't, integrity's a nice word, and a flattering word, I appreciate that. But, to be honest ... the love affair between the people that were making the show and the audience was so intense, it was so white-hot, I had to respect that. And I could not go to that point where it starts to age and wither...

"I wanted it to end with a fireworks burst of, 'It never was bad'," Seinfeld said.

Congratulations, Jerry: It did.

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