Joe Biden has chosen a biological male who identifies as a woman to be his ... ready? ... assistant health secretary

Jan 19th

Joe Biden just announced that he has chosen Pennsylvania's Dr. Rachel Levine to serve as his assistant Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary.

Levine received an undergraduate degree from Harvard and medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine blah blah blah.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Levine is a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman and lives and presents as a female, presumably demanding to be addressed and described as a woman and considering it to be violent, oppressive, and UNSCIENTIFIC when anyone neglects to do so.

Levine lived as a man until 2011, when HE WAS IN HIS 50s! He was married and had two children before "transitioning" and divorcing his wife.

Levine will undoubtedly be a tireless advocate for the radical leftist transgender worldview that claims to advocate for less than one half of one percent of Americans and does so by imposing sweeping, revolutionary, postmodern Marxist dogma (and LAWS) on the other 99.6% — and our children!

And this is the person Joe Biden has chosen to be his assistant HEALTH secretary.

Nice job, Biden voters. Really, truly well done.

P.S. One thing I have to point out from Levine's Wikipedia page:

Levine says she used to perform in musical theater. She has "a very nice baritone" and "hasn't learned how to sing alto."


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