Joe Biden Said People Don't Say "Tornado" Any More And Maybe He Was Talking About Derechos But Then He Mentioned Wetlands In Nevada And Everyone Is Confused

Sep 8th

You aren't going to believe this, but Joe Biden just said something completely incoherent in an address today.

I know, shocking!

In his quest, I guess, to be the most woke president ever, Biden is preemptively canceling words that have absolutely no reason to be canceled. This time it's the word "tornado" that is apparently on the chopping block.




What is going on inside this mans head?

Fox meteorologist Janice Dean suggested that the president was talking about derechos, fast-moving thunderstorms that can cause heavy winds, funnels, and floods.

Twitter, being always horrible but sometimes hilarious, had some great reactions to this brain fart from President Biden.

Also, there's a little bit of confusion about geography. Biden mentions the middle of America, then talks about wetlands in Iowa and Nevada.

Now, you don't have to be a geography expert to know that Nevada isn't exactly the middle of the nation. Maybe to Biden it is, just because it's not on a coast, but it's definitely a western state.

And then Iowa and Nevada wetlands? Wetlands usually implies swamps and permanently boggy areas. Neither of which would you associate with Iowa or Nevada.

Iowa did have some severe flooding, so the land was/is wet. But that is not at all what "wetlands" means. And we all know it.

Well, all of us except Joe Biden.

This man is president. But in no way is he mentally fit for the office. It's a daily circus and Biden is just one of the clowns.

P.S. Now check out our viral vid "How to speak Bidenese" 😁 👇

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