John Fetterman couldn't get out a coherent sentence at last night's debate. You really won't believe it until you see it.
· Oct 26, 2022 ·

If you think Bidenese is hard to understand, try Fettermanish:


It's painful, folks.

If you're out of the loop, John Fetterman is running for U.S. Senate against TV personality Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. He had a stroke a few months ago and hasn't been able to form a coherent sentence since.

It just goes downhill from here...

This is how Fetterman opened the debate.

"Hi, goodnight"?

No one has ever said hello by saying goodnight in the history of the English language. He meant "evening," but his brain wasn't able to access the correct word.

Gosh, it's so dang hard to watch. Even Joe Scarborough of NBC thought so, and he's massively stumping for the Dems.

The same goes for David French, the "conservative Christian" who hasn't met a totalitarian Marxist jackboot he didn't like ever since Trump broke his brain:

About Fetterman's stroke...

He doesn't want you to know just how sick he is.

It's okay though. He found a doctor who donated a few thousand dollars to his campaign to say he's fine.


Oh, and here's his inspiring message about the American dream:

And two more, just because there are so dang many to choose from:

Doesn't matter though.

Fetterman is a Democrat, and Democrats have told America that to vote Republican is to vote for fascism and the end of democracy, so they are going to carry a stroke victim across the finish line for U.S. Senate like the partisan hacks they are.


I kid you not, there are people out there saying it's "ableist" to criticize Fetterman's ability to be a UNITED STATES SENATOR when he literally can't talk because he has a BRAIN INJURY from a STROKE.

These are generally the same people who wanted to remove Trump from office when he slipped a few inches down an icy ramp.

Meanwhile, here's what the voters think:

I'm not even a fan of Dr. Oz. Notice I didn't include any clips of him, largely because he spoke like a normal human being.

At this point, I just want someone without brain damage in charge of Senate legislation that will radically influence our daily lives!

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