Lee Zeldin might actually beat Kathy Hochul after schooling her in last night's New York gubernatorial debate. Watch the highlights here.
· Oct 26, 2022 · NottheBee.com

If people watched debates, Lee Zeldin would run away with this race in New York.

While the world was busy watching Dr. Oz take on a flailing John Fetterman, Lee Zeldin took on New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, hitting her on crime, the economy, the nursing home scandal, and other issues that people in New York should care about.

But Zeldin hit Hochul on specific issues as well. These were his thoughts on New York's insane crime rates right now:

All the Left wants to do is talk about confiscating guns. Meanwhile, thugs are pushing people in front of moving subway trains, beating people to death with hammers, and physically assaulting people – especially Asians – without weapons.

And Hochul can only say "gUnS aRe BaD!"

These Democrats aren't serious.

Bang-on correct.

When asked about locking up criminals, Hochul's response says it all.

Zeldin: This governor, we're halfway through the debate, she still hasn't talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes.

Hochul: Anyone who commits a crime under our laws, especially with the change we've made to bail, has consequences. I don't know why that's so important to you.

Why is it so important???

Why is locking up criminals so important??

This woman has lost her mind.

Seriously, the crime issue alone should lose Democrats this governorship.

But there's more.

Remember the deadly nursing-home scandal under Cuomo and the subsequent coverup? Yeah, Hochul has done nothing about that either.

Then there's the economy, which Hochul has fumbled tremendously as people are fleeing her state.

New York is going to be back open for business, baby! January 1st!

That's the enthusiasm and hopeful confidence we need to see from Republicans. Elect the right people and things can turn around.

Even with all of these terrible positions for Hochul, her worst flub may have been when it came to the vaccine mandates.

Zeldin took the solid and sane Republican line that he won't mandate the Covid jab.

When Zeldin makes the point that Hochul has already mandated the vax, the moderator tried to change the subject, mid-question, to the polio vaccine. They could see how bad this was getting for Hochul and tried to throw Zeldin off.

He stayed on target, however, and really knocked Hochul for her insane vaccine mandates.

And how did Hochul handle this issue?


She would do it all over again.

You lost your job because you didn't get the Fauci ouchie which doesn't stop the spread of Covid? Yeah, she's glad you were fired and she'd do it all over again.

Even after the New York Supreme Court ruling yesterday, Hochul is doubling down on mandating the ineffective vaccine.

When we say the Democrats are out of touch, we can put Hochul at the top of that list.

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