Jordan Peterson is here to to tell you the American education system is derived from the Prussians, who wanted to make obedient soldiers
· Jun 27, 2023 ·

Those dang Prussians.

I'll just include this context from good ol' Wikipedia, for what it's worth:

Early 19th-century American educators were also fascinated by German educational trends. In 1818, John Griscom gave a favorable report of Prussian education. English translations were made of French philosopher Victor Cousin's work, Report on the State of Public Education in Prussia. Calvin E. Stowe, Henry Barnard, Horace Mann, George Bancroft and Joseph Cogswell all had a vigorous interest in German education. The Prussian approach was used for example in the Michigan Constitution of 1835, which fully embraced the Prussian system by introducing a range of primary schools, secondary schools, and the University of Michigan itself, all administered by the state and supported with tax-based funding.

In America, our freedom-loving approach that distrusts absolute power kept some of the built-in indoctrination of the Prussian/German model at bay, but it's not hard to see how the state-sponsored model succeeded at making obedient soldiers for German over the next century. Books like "All Quiet On The Western Front" talk about the indoctrination young German men received from the teachers they had trusted.

This isn't to say that the Prussian model was all bad. The world is far more prosperous and advanced than it was 200 years ago, and Western education founded on Christian teaching has been the primary driver behind that.

But it makes you wonder: If the basis of American education is rooted in the concept of unified national military supremacy, and if the woke crusaders have hijacked that education to make good little soldiers of their own... what is going to happen in America?

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