Jordan Peterson spent an hour on Twitter dropping tactical nukes on climate doomsayers and BLM and it was truly breathtaking to witness
· Nov 29, 2021 ·

Professor Jordan B. Peterson is continuing to recharge from the medical crisis that nearly claimed his life several years ago, and heaven help the woke establishment when he reaches full power again.

On Sunday, while enjoying some time in the U.K., the good professor lobbed a series of atomic bombs at woke beliefs, tearing apart a series of arguments in the Narrative™ with just a few short sentences.

Are you ready to go on a journey with me?

It all started at 10:09 EST, when Dr. Peterson shared a clip from his most recent podcast, which discussed the harm that radically ideological scientists are doing to society right now.

Go ahead and give it a watch. You know you want to. Your brain cells will thank you:

Following that, at 10:18 EST, JP posted a Wall Street Journal article that criticizes the recent COP26 summit in Scotland, arguing that the elitist drive to abandon fossil fuels will impoverish Africa just as it is beginning to rise:

Three minutes later, he fired off another missile strike on the woke establishment by calling COP26 an "exercise in moral posturing":

Run wokies, run!

Unfortunately, they didn't have time to outrun the next bombing pass. JP dropped this high-velocity payload just a minute later:

Read that again, just so you soak in what he's saying:

It is not up to the West to sacrifice the world's poor to "save the planet." Period. Wrong. Deeply and unforgivably arrogant and wrong.


And 100% correct.

The professor took a quick 60 second reprieve before he turned his gatling guns on the profoundly Marxist BLM movement, noting that it needs capitalism to survive:

And followed that with this just another minute later:

Let me hit ya with the section of text from the article that he shared:

Africans urgently need access to a free market economic system—aka "capitalism." The problem with the word "capitalism" is that generations of Marxist professors have taught young people (many of whom remained ignorant as they grew older) that "capitalism" implies "greed" and "exploitation." I'm not advocating for "greed" or "exploitation." I am advocating for a legal environment in which entrepreneurs can create jobs and prosperity for all. If you can show me "anti-capitalists" who are also advocates for better legal environments for doing business, then I'll accept they are part of the solution rather than part of the problem. But my perception of many people who claim that "Black Lives Matter," including the founding leadership, is that they are "anti-capitalist." (They even say so.) Insofar as they are, they are condemning a billion black people to poverty, misery, and death.

There it is.

Notice how JP just connected the climate, aNti-rAciSm, and anti-capitalist movements, pointing out how they are actually racist and destructive, with all of Africa as an example.

And he did it all with a few tweets. Imagine this guy in an actual debate with any leftist world leader.

Faces would melt.

After giving the woke cultists a few minutes to recoup, JP posted this book recommendation:

Then went in for the kill:

Just for fun, he then noted how he is "back from the dead":

The doc then made fun of another article, which implied that men are basically evil because they have more of a carbon footprint than women (and that the likely solution is to ban bacon forever):

To finish off his hour of mayhem, JP showed off an example of why classical architecture is rooted in objective beauty:

And then left us with this photo:

If that isn't inspiration for you deplorable lobsters to get out there and clean your rooms, I don't know what is!

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