Journalist Tom Elliott put together a thread of all the near-calls to violence from leftists over the past few weeks. Check it out.
· Sep 26, 2022 ·

Remember how the President of the United States declared anyone who disagrees with him an extremist threat to the nation, then used his DOJ to go after anyone who might cry foul?

What a time to be alive.

See, those Democrats are just trying to root out extremists who want to [checks notes] restore America to the constitutional rule of law, support families, defund the unelected bureaucratic Swamp, save babies, and stop tyranny so everyone can live free.

Taking a note from Biden, Democrats have ramped up the fear-mongering as they increasingly become everything they swore to destroy.

Tom Elliott has the receipts:

1) WH: What are you going to do, just sit there as war is being waged against your country?

2) Host: "We are at war" with the "evil" half of the country

3) MSNBC: There's no separating ordinary Republicans from actual violent extremists

4) Congressman: "We have to kill" this movement mostly populated with grandparents

5) Senator: No seriously, get weapons

6) MSNBC: Once violence breaks out, it will only be because we weren't censoring enough

7) Hillary: "Important" we treat Republicans like bin Laden's al Qaeda

8) MSNBC: The war against your neighbor has already begun.

Tom also included this list of 103 acts of leftist violence committed during Trump's time in office.

Remind me again which side is bloodthirsty and seeking to hate its neighbors?

The message is clear: If you see a "MAGA Republican"...

At least one North Dakota man has been watching the news:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: They are doing all this to justify to themselves why it's okay to kill you. It's that simple.

Protect your family, but don't take the bait. Show them what patience, love, brotherhood, temperance, and discipline look like. Wisdom is proved right by her children.

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