Joy Behar says gun laws will change "once black people get guns in this country" and I gotta say, that's pretty dang racist, Joy
ยท Jun 9, 2022 ยท

Yeah, super racist.

I shared this link because the post comes from the Hodgetwins, two black YouTube personalities who love guns and love making videos about shooting guns.

Does this scare you, Joy? ๐Ÿ‘‡

Because it doesn't scare this Second Amendment enthusiast, that's for sure.

I guess all the conservative bros who watch the Hodgetwins' content must be really bad racists.

Oh, did I mention gun channels like "Guns Out TV," run by former Marine John Keys and DC political consultant Shermichael Singleton, both black men who love shooting??

According to Pew Research, about a quarter of all black Americans owned a firearm in 2017, and that number has increased in the past two years as lockdowns and crime in black communities skyrocketed thanks to white leftists and their woke policies.

In fact, black women in particular bought a lot of guns for the first time during the pandemic.

Tell me, Joy, do you have a problem with this Second-Amendment enthusiast who likes to shoot full-auto machine guns at the range?

What about other YouTubers like Hank Strange or Eric Pettway?

Does this image of a black man holding an AR with a Holosun sight, a tactical flashlight, and a folding stock adapter scare you, Joy? After all, this is the "weapon of war" you'd like to ban to keep this black man from defending his home!

It doesn't scare us, so methinks you might be projecting, just like white leftists do every day.

What about gun groups like the National African American Gun Association?

Or remember the literal combat platoons of black nationalists that marched in the streets with rifles and body armor during the summer of 2020?

Did you miss hundreds of black men marching in formation down a public street while armed to the teeth, Joy? Still think those gun laws keep Americans of various melanin content from owning or carrying weapons?

For anyone who doesn't want to be a racist like Joy, here's a great conversation between the Guns Out TV guys and the Warrior Poet Society on the 2A!

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