Just a few years ago Biden believed human lives begin at conception. Now he doesn't. Weird.

Sep 3rd

President Joe Biden has come on pretty strong in favor of abortion over the past few days ever since the Supreme Court ruled that Texas's major abortion ban would be permitted to stand. That's not surprising: Abortion is arguably the most uncompromising plank of the modern Democratic party, and Biden has—incredibly—become the standard-bearer of the modern Democratic party.

Biden himself has long been a supporter of legalized abortion. But did you know that just a few short years ago he personally felt that individual human lives begin at conception? Well, he did—at least up until this week:

(The full 2015 clip can be found here.)

Now, this is a classic political tactic of pro-abortion politicians: Claim some sort of common ground with pro-lifers ("I personally believe life begins at conception") while conceding the basic pro-choice premise ("...but I don't think my personal beliefs should be imposed upon anyone else").

It's absurdly incoherent: If you believe individual human beings arise at the moment of conception, then you should want abortion to be illegal, or at the very least you should publicly admit it's murder and that it should be aggressively discouraged.

Yet Biden at this point has apparently discarded even that weak political conceit. Perhaps he has realized that the Democratic party will tolerate nothing more than complete and total submission to abortion ideology.

It's a telling sign of the times.

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