Just a reminder: Obama won his very first election by charging his opponents with election fraud. Oh, you didn't know?
· Nov 21, 2020 · NottheBee.com

Election fraud never happens, right? It's nonsense. In fact, Obama is "troubled" by the very assertion.

He believes you have to "think beyond your own ego and your own interests and your own disappointments."

Just like he didn't.

Wait, what?

Yes, Obama won his first seat in politics by disqualifying his opponents, and not just any opponents. Among his targets was Alice Palmer, not only one of his mentors but one of the people who had encouraged him to run for her seat when she ran in a primary for a Congressional seat that had opened up. She lost that primary and hoped Obama would step aside for her to return.

Instead, he got her kicked off the ballot.

She wasn't the only one.

One other opponent who Obama eliminated by challenging his petitions, Gha-is Askia, said he has no hard feelings today about the challenge and supports Obama's presidential aspirations.

But back at the time he was running for state Senate, Askia said, he was dismayed Obama would use such tactics.

"It wasn't honorable," he said. "I wouldn't have done it."

He said the Obama team challenged every single one of his petitions on "technicalities."

If names were printed instead of signed in cursive writing, they were declared invalid. If signatures were good but the person gathering the signatures wasn't properly registered, those petitions also were thrown out.

Askia came up 69 signatures short of the required number to be on the ballot.

That's the Chicago way.


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