Two Georgia men found out electric vehicles don't make good getaway cars when they stopped to charge their Tesla.
· Mar 13, 2023 ·

The long arm of the law didn't have to reach too far in Georgia last week when two suspects who had stolen a whole ton of gaming systems had to stop and refuel their car.

Officers who arrived on the scene were informed that the perpetrators escaped from the scene of the crime driving a Tesla.

Apparently, the crime duo did not plan out their heist very well, because they didn't show up with a full battery.

Believe it or not, having to wait 20 minutes to charge an EV isn't real conducive to an escape plan!

Dramatic reenactment of suspect waiting for his Tesla to charge

In addition to the gaming systems, police officers found some guns and two pounds of marijuana.

That last item may explain the lack of a plan here:

I guess the other way this story might have gone is that the car could have just drove itself to the police station like those self-repossessing Fords.

Whatever the case, maybe EVs aren't the best getaway option if you're looking to do something illegal like commit a robbery or use the wrong gender pronouns.

Just saying.

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