Kamala hosted a nice dinner for female senators and the woke mob ate her alive for hanging out with "rich white women" and "being served by Black servants"
· Jun 17, 2021 · NottheBee.com

The Woke Monster comes for all, and it's coming for Kamala Harris sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday night, the VP held a bipartisan dinner for female senators, which aside from the general political grandstanding, seemed like a nice gesture.

CNN wasted no time offering Kamala glowing praise, quickly fangirling with thinly-veiled enthusiasm:

Outside the praise from the mainstream media and white suburban moms, the faithful devotees of Wokeism had serious problems with the event:

For the majority of you who are normal Americans, you might be confused why the woke are tearing apart Kamala. After all, she was the most left-leaning member of the Senate.

In order to understand, you must see the world through the fractional lens of intersecting identities that define the woke worldview!

To help you, we've included this overlay of our proprietary Woke Interpreter V2.0™ system to help you see these photos like the woke see them:

Yep. The woke don't see a group of American leaders gathered around a table, served by professional food service and hospitality staff that are paid extremely well and probably worked for years to land a job serving U.S. senators.

Instead, they see a "gaggle of Karens" with a few "model minority Asian women" being served by "black servants" at a dinner hosted by a woman who has been "welcomed into whiteness."

Here was more of the woke mob tearing the VP apart:

This is the world you've helped create, Kamala! Enjoy it!

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