Karma much? This Arizona tire slasher left behind a severed finger and a trail of blood that led to his doorstep 🩸

Apr 21st

This is so good:

So this lady in Arizona, Francesca Wikoff, her and her family are heading over to a neighbor's house for a little get-together last Wednesday evening and a random neighbor dude just tags along uninvited.

Alright, this already feels like one of those creepy Lifetime movies. Let's see where it goes from here...

As the night goes on the random neighbor dude gets pretty drunk and even aggressive. At one point he tries to start "an altercation" with Wikoff's husband, who was injured, and then he shoves Francesca two times. The host asks him to leave, which he does, even though he's not too happy about it.

I have to say: this is a really good Lifetime movie so far. I've never really been into them, but this one's decent.

Around 10:30 p.m., after random neighbor dude has left the party, another neighbor hears someone yelling and crying outside, and probably finds it sort of strange for a Wednesday night.

Fast forward to Thursday morning, and Francesca Wikoff exits her home to find that her SUV has two slashed tires. She also finds A SEVERED FINGER on the ground next to one of the flats, laying there in one of the most beautiful examples of instant karma I've ever heard of in my life.

The karma continues: Wikoff then finds A TRAIL OF BLOOD which leads from the severed finger all the way to a neighbor's house.

The trail of blood left at the scene led to a nearby residence. Wikoff said one resident of the home is out of town, and the other is the man she believes is the owner of the appendage...Wikoff speculates the owner of the finger is a neighbor who had gotten into a disagreement with Wikoff and her husband the night before.

Thursday afternoon Francesca said she had been "laughing all day."

Now that's a classic Lifetime movie everyone can enjoy!

Here's the local news covering the story:


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