Kathryn Grody performs an interpretive dance about Trump and it's every bit as magnificent as you'd imagine

Oct 21st

Warning: Some things once seen cannot be unseen.

Kathryn Grody, goaded on by her husband, actor Mandy Patinkin (apparently TDS is as virulent as Covid) pulls off an impromptu interpretive dance performance that is as disturbing as it is transfixing.

The auto crash analogy holds. You want to look away, but you just can't help but gawk.

As unsettling and violent as it is, it's something else. The part where she pantomimes sitting on Trump?

Let's just say it made me uncomfortable and leave it at that.

Their YouTube channel is full of this kind of material, most with modest views. Even after being featured on Tucker Carlson, Grody's dance still hasn't reached five figures at this writing, and it appears most of those views are from Trump supporters. A sampling of the comments:

"The mentally deficient woman should spend more time cleaning her messy house instead of doing an anti-Trump dance!"

"They spend all day and night thinking about Trump and he's literally never heard of them🤣"

"Hate corrodes the vessel it's carried in. This is evidence."

Their channel is full of these infrequently watched, ratioed videos including this one:

While it's about "flipping the Senate," I believe its real message is the essential role that writers, directors, producers, set designers, and wardrobe professionals play in creating the illusion that actors are something other than over-indulged, single-talent narcissists.

And given how much I enjoy Mandy Patinkin's work, those people are A-MAZING!


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