The AP reliably informs us that we are not seeing what we are clearly seeing

Oct 21st

"They've been portrayed by the president as violent left-wing radicals and used to scare suburban voters. But an @AP review found most of those arrested in U.S. protests look like regular citizens caught up in the moment — many are young suburban adults."

If you're going to characterize the unrest at which people are being arrested as "protests," it helps to illustrate your story with something other than a picture of an overturned vehicle engulfed in flames. It might give those suburban voters the wrong idea.

Speaking of which, it should be pointed out that a story which begins with a political talking point from the DNC is absolutely straight-up news and not at all editorializing.

So, who are these "regular citizens caught up in the moment"?

Commenters helpfully provided illustrations.

For example, take a look at these young rascals. It's like The Partridge Family got together with The Brady Bunch to protest against racial injustice and basic hygiene.

And how about these rapscallions, just making a little youthful mischief like TPing houses, and then burning them down.

These suburban whippersnappers clearly just got carried away, partly with Sharpies and hair dye. Come on you little urchins, you have to be up early for your paper route!

And we can't forget this playful scamp mixed up in some playful murderous hijinx.

Nothing to see here folks.

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