Kentucky man finds 700 Civil War coins worth millions buried on his rural farm
· Jul 12, 2023 ·

Okay, this is super cool. Some people wait their entire life for a hoard like this, and this man just randomly came across it while digging at his Kentucky farm.

I gotta show you this video real quick too so you can hear how excited this man was when he found this million-dollar hoard.

Honestly, I think the only emotion I can feel here is jealousy. Like, how rad is this?! I wish that was my farm!

And would I ever put a video of myself digging up a treasure like this on the internet? No flippin way; I don't want anybody knowing where my farm's at after this.

But I digress...

A man in Kentucky hit the jackpot after he discovered over 700 coins from the Civil War era on his rural farm.

The findings have been nicknamed the "Great Kentucky Hoard" and include a group of 1863 Double Eagles and hundreds of US gold dollars dated from 1850 to 1862, as well as a few silver coins…

Ninety-five percent of the coins found are gold dollars, per GovMint. Also included are around 20 $10 Liberty coins from 1840 to 1862 and about eight $20 Liberty coins from 1857 to 1862.

Some of the rarest coins that they found, 1863-P $20 Gold Liberty coins, can command "a six-figure price," according to GovMint. And they dug up 18 of them in the bounty.

The coin is so rare because it does not feature the phrase "In God We Trust," according to Live Science. The motto was added to all gold and silver currency in 1866 after the end of the Civil War…

"The coins, discovered in the ground and remarkably well preserved, possess an astonishing luster and a newfound freshness rarely observed in coins of this kind," said Andy Salzberg, executive vice president of the Certified Collectibles Group

Six figures for a single coin!


Check out the hoard:

Here's some background on what they believe to be the circumstances of this buried treasure, though nobody really knows for certain.

In 1861, the state legislature declared its neutrality in the war, according to Middle Creek National Battlefield — but was largely under the control of the Union in 1862.

According to experts, the group of coins could have been a "result" of the conflict going on in Kentucky at the time, as many families were "pitted against each other" and it's possible that the coins could have been lost.

Ryan McNutt, who is a conflict archeologist at Georgia Southern University, also told Live Science that the coins could have been "buried in advance of Confederate John Hunt Morgan's June to July 1863 raid."

So not only are these coins rare, they're also kissed on the cheek with a bit of history as well. And that makes it all the more intriguing.

Good for this guy!

Now, to find out where this farm is...

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