Last night, 60 Minutes promoted Paul Ehrlich, an anti-human climate scientist who has been wildly wrong on everything related to the climate for more than 50 years
· · Jan 2, 2023 ·

Paul Ehrlich, who is apparently still alive, went on 60 Minutes last night to pump his climate doomsday conspiracies.

This man has been taken seriously by the corporate media for decades, even though he has been completely wrong on everything about climate his entire adult life.

Here's the 60 Minutes preview:

60 Minutes mentions his work "The Population Bomb" from the 60s which included many predictions that have now been proven completely false. The entire premise of the book is that humanity was going to explode in population and the earth could not sustain the growth.

We were told that the entire planet would die of mass starvation unless the population was reduced dramatically. This was in 1968 when the population was 3.5 billion. That number has risen to nearly 8 billion today. His mass starvation, end of civilization prediction has utterly failed. Starvation IMPROVED as the world became more populated.

He is the king of the climate doom and gloomers, and he's been nothing but wrong for 50 years.

So, of course, the mainstream Left will promote him as a hero.

If you want to read about the many, many ways in which Ehrlich is completely wrong, Alex Epstein and Bjorn Lomborg – both optimistic climate scientists – have documented how the climate change catastrophists are lying to you on the regular.

Ehrlich is an anti-human, pro-population control, climate cultist.

He's wrong and always has been, but he is promoting an anti-human and anti-progress agenda that the media loves. So he will be lauded and praised for his failures until the day that he dies.


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