Journalist links The Babylon Bee and other non-woke comedians to the Proud Boys, says only liberals do true comedy in the never-ending quest to cancel humor

Sep 27th

If you laugh at anything a leftist wouldn't find funny, you're a domestic extremist who must be SILENCED:

Yes, this is a real thing that happened, but The Post Millennial already did a brilliant writeup on it, so let's start there.

Writing for The Conversation, Beth Daley writes "In addition to his show's success, Gutfeld today resides at the center of a growing complex of comedians reflecting elements of right-wing worldviews, ranging from libertarian, libertine podcasts like 'The Joe Rogan Experience' to Christian satire websites like The Babylon Bee to Proud Boys founder and Gutfeld-protegee Gavin McInnes."

Yeah, she really said that!

It doesn't matter if there are any connections between The Bee and militia groups (or even between legitimate militia groups and actual terrorists).

What matters is that this lefty journalist feels there's some connection and that it pokes fun at the woke religion.

Daley posits that there is simply no viable "conservative" comedy, and that the reason for this is that it is "joking that fails to critique power structures."

Here's a quote directly from Daley's article:

Comedy theorists tend to diminish, or at least distinguish, right-wing humor from what they deem to be more authentic, liberal humor.

Philosopher Umberto Eco, for example, demotes joking that fails to critique power structures to the status of mere "carnival."

Others make similar arguments, saying "true" liberal comedy is more likely to "punch up," while dismissing conservative comedy as mere mockery that reaffirms unjust systems of power.

Does she not realize that people who talk like this are the ones who have silenced free speech across history?

What this argument fully ignores is that the power structure in America, and in fact across the western world, is a liberal power structure. Conservatives are not in charge, politically or culturally. So when a conservative viewpoint is used to make fun of liberal ideas and values for humorous effect, it is a volley against the existing power structure.

Exactly. Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon put it this way:

Yet leftists like to pretend that a cabal of totalitarian Jesus followers that wants to save babies and reduce government power is currently running Hollywood, the U.N., most democracies, big business, and the university.

She writes that liberal comedy is believed to be "more likely to 'punch up,'" while "conservative comedy" is perceived to be a "mere mockery that reaffirms unjust systems of power."

The Bee and other non-woke comedians are popular because people are tired – SO TIRED – of the studio balloonheads who make jokes that are just crass or mean political propaganda.

Look at the "climate" shows all the late-night hosts held the other week as an example of how flat and cheesy 95% of entertainment is now.

But a sense of actual humor now makes you an extremist:

"...A range of right-wing comedians are coming together in a constellation that allows young, right-wing-curious consumers to find a place in the universe of American conservative media and politics. The value, or danger, of right-wing comedy is a matter of political opinion. Its reality, however, is no joke."

If you laugh at how the pronoun brigade or the race hustlers are now as religiously corny as fundamentalist TV preachers in the 1980s, you are basically a terrorist.

Here's what Babylon Bee Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann had to say:

He ended with this dangerous thought that threatens humor, free speech, and democracy itself.

We at The Babylon Bee will continue to make fun of whatever we want, no matter what direction it "punches."

Dangerous words!

Just remember: The gulags are going to be awesome since all the funny people will be there!

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