Lego abandons plans to make bricks from recycled plastic because the "carbon footprint would have been higher"
· Sep 29, 2023 ·

I know elementary-aged children that go to public school who lay awake at night worrying about how climate change is going to kill them if they don't recycle.

It's that fear that Lego was trying to assuage when it announced it was going to make all its bricks from recycled plastics by 2030.

Now, just two short years later, the block-building company has announced that recycling bottles to make bricks is just going to end up with a bigger carbon footprint than they already have.

That's because, as even the Left knows, recycling plastic to save the planet is a myth.

First, there's a lot of energy that has to go into recycling plastic.

But more importantly, materials made from recycled plastic are inferior and have a much shorter lifespan than new plastic.

Lego was going to have to introduce all sorts of new materials into their bricks in order to get anything near what they're making now.

"It's like trying to make a bike out of wood rather than steel," said Tim Brooks, Lego's head of sustainability.

The "level of disruption to the manufacturing environment was such that we needed to change everything in our factories" to scale up recycled PET use, he said. "After all that, the carbon footprint would have been higher. It was disappointing."

Like most big companies who cannot perform the miracles demanded of them by the global climate priests, Lego is going to spend $3 billion per year on "sustainability" to offset their carbon footprint.

In other words, they're going to pay the carbon tax that Marxist Captain Planet created to destroy capitalism.

That's why Marxist teachers keep pushing this nonsense in schools, terrifying new generations.

They're just keeping their eyes on the prize.

Lego has promised not to pass the price of their tribute to the carbon overlords on to consumers.

And if that promise is anything like their promise to use recycled plastic, I'd suggest getting your legos now while they're affordable.

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