LEGO is demanding California cops stop using their brick heads to replace criminals' faces on social media
ยท Mar 25, 2024 ยท

A few days ago we told you about a California police department that, in an effort to comply with Governor Newsom's regulations and have a little fun, replaced the heads of perps in social media photos with LEGO heads.

The results were hilarious.

I thought it was funny. You thought it was funny.

But not everyone thought it was funny.

Particularly, LEGO did not find it funny.

We just can't have anything fun anymore, can we?

LEGO reached out and politely asked the Murrieta Police Department to stop using their copyrighted LEGO materials for funny purposes.

For some reason, LEGO doesn't want to be associated with criminals.

Lt. Jeremy Durrant of the Murrieta Police Department told Fox News, "The Lego Group reached out to us and respectfully asked us to refrain from using their intellectual property in our social media content which of course we understand and will comply with. We are currently exploring other methods to continue publishing our content in a way that is engaging and interesting to our followers."

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

The department is now going to have to find another way to hide the faces of perps, probably with emojis or something dumb like that.

At least we still have the memories...

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