Lego says “Everyone is awesome,” but they don’t really believe that
· · May 24, 2021 ·

Seeing that the Lego company was planning on affirming and promoting the LGBT movement with a newly designed product was no surprise for me or anyone else who has been paying attention to the calculated corporate strategy of recent years. Large companies know there is a price to be paid for lack of compliance with radical social movements who have a well-oiled outrage machine just itching to release a barrage of boycott hashtags.

Right or wrong, major corporations know that boycotts only cut one way in America – to the left. Whether that's due to a complicit mainstream media that helps fan the flames of discontented progressive Twitter mobs, or it's the lack of any equally vocal, equally efficient boycott industry on the right, Lego knows what they all know: the public relations cost of refusing to prostrate themselves in LGBT-allyship is far greater than the public relations cost of doing so.

Therefore, we get announcements like this:

On Thursday, the LEGO Group announced that its new LGBTQIA+ set "goes on sale on June 1, to mark the start of Pride Month."

"Inspired by the iconic rainbow flag," the 346-piece set "features 11 monochrome minifigures each with its own individual hairstyle and rainbow colour" LEGO says in an announcement touting the new product.

"I wanted to create a model that symbolises inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love," set designer and Vice President of Design Matthew Ashton said.

Ashton, a gay man himself, said that it was time for Lego to "step up to the plate and make a real statement about love and inclusivity." The company was careful not to "gender" any of the characters in the new play set, in order to allow the purchaser to determine what gender they should be assigned.

Of course, as a private company, Lego has every right to market whatever product they think is financially profitable. And of course, as private consumers, each of us has every right to purchase, ignore, mock, or even boycott the product and company for the decision.

Some would say it's time for conservatives to create an effective, organized opposition to this kind of corporate politicking, in order to pressure companies to step away from the flagrant activism. I get that, though I remain personally quite torn over the idea. Boycotts almost always hurt the local worker far more than the corporate decision makers, after all.

But while I may step away from that debate, content to let wiser people than I figure out the best approach, I do think it is very important from an educational perspective that we Christians take advantage of these situations to expose an outrageous falsehood that is told persistently by the Left.

The name of this new Lego set is "Everyone is Awesome." The creator, Ashton, said it's all about inclusivity and celebrating "everyone." But there isn't a person with a brain who actually believes that. Those who hold to the Christian sexual ethic, for example – who understand and properly identify the inherent sinfulness in any romantic or sexual relationship outside of God's revealed boundaries – are not considered "awesome."

In fact, it's the perceived injustice being done to those who flaunt God's male/female design (by those who advocate it), that prompted this marketing bonanza from Lego to begin with. So the campaign isn't really about blanket "love and inclusivity" at all, since that would mean loving those who disagree and then including their perspectives. The sexual revolution has never made room for dissent. In its unrelenting cultural assault, it has always preferred the approach of marginalizing, isolating, mocking, and discriminating against anyone who resisted it.

Is that ironic, given that this movement has marketed itself for decades as one that fights against things like marginalization, isolation, and discrimination? Absolutely, and that's the point. More than boycotting Lego, I simply want to force them to acknowledge their hypocrisy and inconsistency. They may be advocating that LGBT ideology is awesome, but that means they are simultaneously promoting the demonization of the orthodox Christian viewpoint.

I guess ultimately what I'm suggesting is that we all just be honest. As a Christian, I affirm Scripture's explicit teaching that LGBT conduct is sinful. I also acknowledge the dignity and worth of those who choose to disagree with Scripture.

Meanwhile those who worship their own minds affirm society's view that the Christian sexual ethic is itself sinful and cruel. Will they too acknowledge the dignity and worth of those of us who disagree with the spirit of the age?


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