Let's dive into this $118-billion flaming piece of garbage they call a bipartisan "border security" bill
· Feb 5, 2024 · NottheBee.com

The Senate's latest "bipartisan" spending bill just dropped and it's a flaming pile of garbage.

I don't know why we had any hope that the Senate Republicans would ALL oppose reckless spending, but here we are.

Let's check in on the details of this bipartisan spending bill.

Yeah, the breakdown is something like this:

  • $60 billion to Ukraine, because of course.
  • $14 billion to Israel.
  • $20 billion for "border security" which really means opening the border to 1.8 million illegal crossers a year, essentially enshrines catch-and-release policy, and pays for lawyers for illegal immigrants.

And Republicans helped write this bill?

So, that's the first problem. We are giving more money to other countries than we are spending on our own country.

And what we are spending on "protecting" the border is actually just meant to make the border worse.

The law now is NO illegal immigrants (we just don't enforce it). This law would be 1.8 million a year PLUS catch and release.

AND there are green card giveaways through 2030. Here's a post with a few pages for the receipts:

There are other hidden treats as well!

Yeah, Swamp judges get to rule in immigration cases after this bill is passed. Texas judges don't get a say.

I wonder who that helps?



They're just trying to pass a reasonable spending bill that gives $60 billion to secure Ukraine's border and pays for a metaphorical $20 billion in wire cutters for OUR border (H/T Peachy Keenan).

Yet here is how the mainstream media frames it, this is the narrative:

It "imposes tougher asylum and border laws"???

It's it a "tougher" border law to go from 0 to 1.8 million authorized illegal immigrants (talk about an oxymoron) every single year? Is it "tougher" for "asylum seekers" if their case gets adjudicated in DC instead of local courts in Texas or Arizona?

The mainstream media and RINOs will tell you that this is a tough border law and will make the border secure.

I've never seen such a joke of a bill in my life!

Thankfully, House Speaker Mike Johnson assures us that the bill is DOA in the House:

Senator Mike Lee also has a plan to stop the bill in the Senate.

Republicans better shove this poop sandwich in the garbage ASAP.

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