Let Them Drive Electric Vehicles! Mayor Pete Has A Really Terrific Idea About How To Save Money On Gas
· · Mar 8, 2022 · NottheBee.com

The Biden Administration and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are doubling down on elitism and being out of touch with normal Americans.

Watch as Mayor Pete (again) suggests that, to avoid high gas prices, Americans should instead drive electric vehicles.

Oh yes, the gas savings from driving an EV.

This administration cares so little for the poor and middle class in this country, it's beyond comprehension.

Let's look at the numbers:

Yeah, in just a few short decades you can make up the money you spent buying a brand new electric car.

An electric vehicle costs just around $50k (for a small, lower-end sedan). This is totally reasonable and affordable for most people and their families, right? Right?

Pete doesn't understand the plight of the average American, at all, if this is his proposed solution. And no wonder.

And guess what, despite oil being plentiful and inexpensive and easy to produce in the US, the Left is going to continue to double down.

You have others like Kamala talking about an inspirational world completely run on "zero emissions" electricity.

Spoiler alert: There's no such thing, and now you have Pete using the same talking point:

The climate alarmists are committed to destroying this country, no matter what it takes.

This administration is doing NOTHING to alleviate fuel prices (except for releasing all our emergency reserves), even though all they had to do was leave Trump's policies alone. But they can't do it.

It's all about saving the planet, no matter how many low-income people around the world they have to hurt.

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