Let Navy veteran Hung Cao, the Senate candidate from Virginia, remind you what's at stake in the perfect political ad.
· Aug 25, 2023 · NottheBee.com

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but sometimes it's good to get a quick rundown of what we're up against.

So here's retired Navy Captain Hung Cao to remind you what our future looks like if we don't change things around and quick.

That ad is about as close to perfect that I've seen. He almost covered it all.

If he had thrown in the Left's use of race, LGBTQ, and pedophilia to destroy people's allegiance to fellows, faith, and family in favor of the state, his denunciation of the current Marxist movement in the U.S. would have been complete.

He covers it on his site though, so I'll give him a pass:

▪Across the country, the Left is driving a wedge between parents and their children. It is nothing less than an assault on our families.

▪Right here in Virginia, a Democrat introduced a bill that would criminally prosecute parents for not redefining their child's gender, making school administrators a legal arm of Child Protective Services.

▪Racism is racism, no matter what else you call it. Prioritizing one race over another is racism, and everybody knows it.

Win or lose, Cao's reminders are good for us all to keep fighting for the soul of America. The Left certainly will.

Thanks to Not the Bee user @Barbls for the heads up about this story.

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