The Left tried to meme Donald Trump's mug shot and it went about as well for them as usual ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Aug 25, 2023 ยท

The Left can't meme.

Why are they so bad at this?

Where's the punchline here?

When you say someone was treated "like a dog," you are sympathizing with the disrespect people are showing to him.

Did he mean "like an animal?"

"Then I had to eat my soup with a spork... like an animal."

You have to be grounded in reality to deliver a funny joke. Polterbyte definitely isn't.

"Facts over opinions 100% of the time," followed by "VACCINE" and "MASK."

Now THERE's a punchline.


HAAA, we're invoking Nickelback to dunk on people now?!

What's even funnier is that they think this will get under our skin.

"Haha, I'm laughing at this photo."

Dude, I'm laughing too! I'm laughing at how epic that photo is for the history books and how spectacularly this is gonna backfire on y'all.

The pedo clowns at The Lincoln Project tried REALLY HARD:

And they're selling merch!

They think this is gonna be a hit among TDS sufferers.

But it's also a hit with Trump supporters!

Trump even has it over on his official campaign store!

You're making him money!

You might as well fill that meme reaction crowd with red hats, you pedo clowns!

A meme only works if it points out something true in a way that makes fun of people who think that thing isn't true.

Like this:

This is why some people, like the esteemed writers over at The Atlantic, just skip the humor and make everything somber and dark.



He wasn't the one who charged himself with crimes and insisted on the mug shot!!

Joy Reid called the mug shot a "sinister apparition."

He's gonna haunt you forever, Reid! Rent free.


Meanwhile, CNN is terrified of the meme storm:

Oh no!

Keep on trying to make memes and news stories, lefties. You'll get it eventually!

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