Let’s appreciate how John Kerry wants us to sacrifice for climate change while he takes his private jet back to his mansion
· Jan 28, 2021 · NottheBee.com

America might be replacing faith in God for faith in the State, but it seems the false teachers of both religions look strangely the same.

Take John Kerry, appointed by King Biden as the High Priest of Climate, as an example. Like the best prosperity preachers, he goes on stage and asks for your money, your unwavering faith, and your sacrifice...

And then takes his private jet back to his $12 million oceanside mansion:

Yep, John Kerry owns a Gulfstream jet that allows him to comfortably guzzle a year's worth of your minivan's consumption in a single cross-country trip.

He also owns an 18-acre beachside property in Martha's Vineyard.

"The seven-bedroom house dates to 1924 and sits on one of 39 original sites that were created over time by the Seven Gates Farm Corporation on land originally collected by Nathaniel Shaler in the 19th century," said The Vineyard Gazette in 2017. "The Seven Gates Farm property is tucked into a rolling hillside with distant views of the Elizabeth islands, where Mr. Kerry, a member of the Forbes family on his mother's side, has long ties."

The irony is immense. When you, dear reader, are struggling to find a new job, pay your energy bills, or putting $5/gallon gas in your 2005 Toyota Sienna, picture John Kerry kicking back with a glass of wine to this view after jetting home from Europe:

I have nothing against owning a nice house or a plane, but when you're a life-long public servant who lives like a king and impoverishes people while telling them to take one for the cause, you've crossed a serious line.

If tackling climate change was as personally convicting and urgent as men like Kerry proclaim, they wouldn't weaponize the federal government to address it while they themselves continuing using enough energy each week to power a small town for a decade.

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