Let's talk about how China is making mockups of U.S. warships in the desert for target practice
· Nov 9, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Remember when "Red Dawn" was just a movie with a hypothetical plot?

Communist China has constructed full-scale sized mockups of major U.S. warships, including an aircraft carrier, to use at a new target range complex as tensions between the U.S. and China continue to rise amid geopolitical issues in the South China Sea and responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic.

Okay, okay, you say, but it's not like this is happening in a vacuum. While China is gearing up for war, America is probably assembling the Avengers, right?

Uh oh.

"The full-scale outline of a U.S. carrier and at least two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are part of the target range that has been built in the Ruoqiang region in central China. The site is near a former target range China used to test early versions of its so-called carrier killer DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles," The U.S. Naval Institute reported. "This new range shows that China continues to focus on anti-carrier capabilities, with an emphasis on U.S. Navy warships. Unlike the Iranian Navy's aircraft carrier-shaped target in the Persian Gulf, the new facility shows signs of a sophisticated instrumented target range."

Before we continue further, let me remind you that China is ruled by the most totalitarian communist regime in history, with over a billion people enslaved under its insanely unjust and evil surveillance state.

With that said, here's a few photos:

And some more about the site from the U.S. Naval Institute:

The area has been traditionally used for ballistic missile testing, according to a summary of the Maxar images by geospatial intelligence company AllSource Analysis that identified the site from satellite imagery.

"The mockups of several probable U.S. warships, along with other warships (mounted on rails and mobile), could simulate targets related to seeking/target acquisition testing," according to the AllSource Analysis summary, which said there are no indications of weapon impact areas in the immediate vicinity of the mockups. "This, and the extensive detail of the mockups, including the placement of multiple sensors on and around the vessel targets, it is probable that this area is intended for multiple uses over time."

Analysis of historical satellite images shows that the carrier target structure was first built between March and April of 2019. It underwent several rebuilds and was then substantially dismantled in December 2019. The site came back to life in late September of this year and the structure was substantially complete by early October.

A few of you remain unconvinced of China's shenanigans. It's probably just training, because militaries don't exist to actually kill people! Besides, it's not like this type of thing has happened before a nation started a war in the past!

What's that quote about being doomed to repeat history?

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