Libs are mad at the Supreme Court for recent decisions so they're back on their "pack the court" thing again
· Jun 30, 2023 ·

It's coming back around, guys.

Who's ready for another month of discourse where Democrats gripe and complain about our republic working the way it was intended. and spout off their fantasies about destroying the legitimacy of the court?

Well, that's where we are.

On Twitter, #ExpandSCOTUS is trending because the libs don't know how to handle their Ls.

"Oh, boohoo! We're losing at the game so now we want to change the rules!"

Tough beans! Trump picked three good justices and y'all have to live with it.

Dean is a talk show host and Rubin is a columnist with no serious pull, but they do speak for the popular left-wing movement. As does Elie Mystal, MSNBC contributor and race-obsessed pontificator.

But it's not just pundits. Here's recently censured pencil-neck Adam Schiff:

Clear as day he wants to stuff the court with liberal judges and undo all of the conservative decisions.

Some people might call that a coup.

Here's another smattering of Leninist liberals advocating a complete upheaval of the American judicial system.

"If we don't get our way then that's not Democracy! Reeeeee!"

Keep on crying libs.

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