MIND VIRUS: Look at the waterworks from grown adults after someone vandalized a rainbow sidewalk in Spokane
· May 30, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Watch these lefty goobers literally shed tears because some Chad lit their gay pride crosswalk on fire in Spokane.

This press conference, which was 20 minutes long, feels like a parody.

First, we get a female "pastor" apologizing on behalf of her church.

Then you have the run-of-the-mill crybabies.

During a press conference on Friday, Spokane City Council President Betsy Wilkerson was joined by dozens of other city officials to denounce the incident. Wilkerson became visibly emotional as she told the community it can and must do better.

'These are my fellow citizens that live here,' she said. 'I know it was called vandalism, but it was hate.'

She wants to stop the "hate" from some random citizen who doesn't care to have everyone's sexuality shoved down his or her throat.

Still waiting for these wokies to label the murder of Christian children by a transgender mass shooter a hAte cRiMe!

Then you've got this guy Matt Santangelo with his waterworks:

It's how we show up for each other, and our families, and our communities, and our neighborhoods, we've gotta show people some love.

He then breaks down in tears.

Because someone vandalized a crosswalk.

Remember, every society has blasphemy laws!

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