Lightning apparently demolished this toilet INSIDE someone's house but you'll never convince me Taco Bell wasn't involved
ยท May 6, 2022 ยท

Electricity is a beast. I mean, seriously, get some negative and positive ions going with a little bit of friction and heat and you've got plasma as hot as the surface of the sun.

There's one thing about electricity that's often missed, however.

It always follows the path of least resistance.

According to investigators, the path of least resistance for this particular sky bolt was through this Oklahoman's porcelain throne.

* * *

Yeah, so I'm never using the bathroom during a storm again, thank you very much.

Imagine if someone had been sitting there scrolling through Not The Bee! One minute, you're commenting on your friend's weird obsession with proving whales don't exist, and the next you're crispier than our taco emojis!

Speaking of tacos...

...there's no way you'll convince me that Taco Bell wasn't somehow involved in this near-murder mystery. If lightning is looking for the path of least resistance, it couldn't have been through a ceramic waste bowl. Sure, it was definitely attracted to some metal in the roof vent, but there was plenty of other metal in that bathroom as well.

And yet, it hit the toilet. And not even the metal handle of the toilet, but the bowl itself! A logical mind would conclude that there must have been some substance โ€“ some residue, if you will โ€“ of unknown properties that attracted that lightning to its final resting place.

You know what the culprit is. Stop lying to yourself and admit it!

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