Lime scooters will now be remotely shut down if you drive them over Spokane's Pride crosswalk
· Jun 10, 2024 ·

Okay, this is quite hilarious. Remember when we told you about the kid in Spokane, Washington who was charged with a felony for leaving tire marks with a Lime scooter on a gay crosswalk?

Well, get this, now if you ride one of those rentable Lime scooters over the crosswalk, the company has programmed it to stop working and shut down on the spot.

You can't drive Lime scooters on the gay Pride crosswalk!!


Imagine you're just riding one of those scooters through town, enjoying your day, minding your own business, when you casually drive over the gay mural on the ground. Your scooter makes an abrupt stop, hurling you onto the protected mural, your knee scraping the ground with such friction as to create a whole new stripe on the Pride flag with your own flesh. You're charged with a hate crime for the new "Caucasian" stripe you've added to the flag, transported to the Spokane County Jail, and made to apologize to the gay, purple-haired Antifa inmate next to you for vandalizing his (her?) Pride mural.

Okay, sorry, back to the story.

These Lime scooters will now treat the mural as a "no-go zone," and they won't actually hurl you to the ground with an abrupt stop; they'll "gradually come to a stop," forcing you to walk the scooter across the gay mural.

While discussion surrounding the incident continues to rage on, the scooter rental company at the center of the alleged 'acts of vandalism' has now issued a statement.

'All of us at Lime condemn these vile acts in no uncertain terms,' Lime Director of Government Relations Hayden Harvey told The National Desk. 'At a time when our teams at Lime are beginning pride celebrations around the globe, it is disturbing to see the hate taking place in Spokane.'

Lime has now implemented a 'no-go zone' over the crosswalk, meaning scooters driven over the mural will be remotely shut down. According to the company's website, entering a 'no-go zone' will cause a Lime vehicle to 'gradually come to a stop,' forcing a rider to walk their scooter until it is outside the zone.

This is the future of woke right here!

Seriously, someone should write a sci-fi thriller concerning this new merger of tech and gay Pride. It's like Big Brother on soy milk!

Saving the world, one shut-down scooter at a time!!!

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