LOL! A Covid reporter for The New York Times actually tweeted that the Wuhan lab leak theory is – you guessed it – RACIST

May 28th

Yeah dude, some reporter from The New York Times actually tweeted this out:

Yeah, there's not a link there…

That's because this fine journalist from the best newspaper around decided to delete this tweet.

I wonder why?

Well, apparently too many people were responding with clown emojis.

That's not a joke. She actually said that:

That tweet, also deleted.

Like, lady, why do you think people are out here sending you clown emojis?

Look around.

Everybody thinks you're stupid.

And the whole "everything is racist" thing… It's getting pretty old.

The lab leak theory isn't racist.

It does not have racist roots.

China might be the world's next great power. So naturally, in the eyes of patriotic Americans, the Chinese are a competitor.

  • They're not a race.
  • They're not a color.
  • They're a powerful nation of people.

And they're capable of things we cannot even imagine.

So maybe you wanna stick to journalism instead of whatever this is you're doing. It'd really help.

Oh, but look at this: can you guess this lady's main focus at the NYT?

Yup, she's the Covid lady!


The next time you people over at The New York Times think about calling people racists, why don't you say what you really mean?

Because what you really mean is "I'm scared of you, I cannot defeat your ideas with logic, so,'re racist?"

That stuff doesn't work anymore.


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