LOL! This Klay Thompson impersonator was let into the arena by Warriors security and allowed to shoot around before game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Chase Center has now banned him for life.
· Jun 16, 2022 ·


Guys, I cannot stop laughing at this.

This guy is a spot-on Klay Thompson impersonator, and if you're not sure who Klay Thompson is, all you need to know is he's a very popular NBA player who plays for the Warriors out in San Francisco.

Anyhow, here's real Klay:

And here's Fake Klay (yes, that's capitalized, cuz he's that good):

I'm gonna leave this first video here because it's amazing and everyone should watch it. Dawson Gurley aka Fake Klay shot this video back in 2017 when the Warriors were THE team to beat in the NBA.


Fooled everybody!

Fast forward to this past Monday night: The Warriors are hosting the Celtics in game 5 of the NBA Finals in just a few hours, and Fake Klay decides he'll try to make his way into the stadium pretending to be the real Klay.

Let's see if he makes it:


Dude walked through five layers of security and shot around for ten minutes before anyone caught on.

So good!

Had to be an adrenaline rush, too.

Unfortunately, after this stunt, the Warriors and Chase Center have banned him for life.

$10K on tickets?!?!

Fake Klay must be a baller!

Here's the letter he received from security:

Your conduct was in violation of the rules of both the NBA and Chase Center, as well as a violation(s) of the laws of the City of San Francisco and/or the State of California. Based on this conduct, the Golden State Warriors, Santa Cruz Warriors, Chase Center, Kaiser Permanente Arena and the National Basketball Association ("NBA") hereby inform you, that you are banned indefinitely, from attending any future NBA, WNBA, G League, or 2K League games, or any concert and or event held at Chase Center, Thrive City and the Kaiser Permanente Arena, Santa Cruz, CA.


Not quite as funny now, I suppose.

But still worth it.

Check this out, he's selling these t-shirts on his website:

Perfect! 😂

Also, make sure you check out his YouTube page.

Lotta gold there.

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