LOL: Woke NPR called a medieval warrior "non-binary" and got smacked in the face with a little history lesson
· · Aug 12, 2021 ·

This is a reminder that NPR is not objective in any way, shape, or form, and also that modern gender theory is garbage.

Yep. This is what our tax dollars go to these days, folks.

Basically, researchers have a small sample of DNA from "badly damaged" remains and they believe a buried warrior may have had Klinefelter syndrome, a chromosomal error that gives a man an extra X chromosome (XXY).

Contrary to woke gender theory, which teaches that there are infinity genders, a person with Klinefelter's is a man with a genetic defect. This does not make them any less human, any less valuable, or any less a man. The condition often is accompanied by cognitive issues with reading, learning, behavior, and motor development.

The honorable way the warrior was buried led researchers to conclude that the remains were of "a respected person whose gender identity may well have been non-binary."

"If the characteristics of the Klinefelter syndrome have been evident on the person, they might not have been considered strictly a female or a male in the Early Middle Ages community," Moilanen said. "The abundant collection of objects buried in the grave is proof that the person was not only accepted but also valued and respected."

The new research indicates that even in an "ultra-masculine environment of early medieval Scandinavia" where men with "feminine social roles and [who] dressed in feminine clothing were disrespected and considered shameful," there may have been individuals who did not fit gender norms and were still admired, the researchers concluded.

You've got to love it. These "researchers" are imposing their post-modern, Western, Marx-adjacent view of the world on Vikings.

People had some thoughts for them.

Even those who support LGBT ideology took issue:

Again, this article was paid for by YOUR tax dollars, courtesy of the fine fellows at the IRS.

What a revisionist time to be alive!

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