Londoners are cutting down cameras that capture license plates to fight the city's DAILY tax on driving
· Sep 5, 2023 ·

If you want to drive in London these days, you better be prepared to pay to save the climate.

Starting this month, Londoners will be taxed for their emissions via London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) law. If you drive in a high congestion area, the tax is £15 regardless what kind of vehicle you drive. If you drive anywhere else, and your vehicle is not up to London's ever-shifting emissions snuff, the tax is £12.50.

And that tax is applied PER DAY.

That means Londoners are going to be paying £250-£300 per month for the privilege of driving to work.

Prince John would be so proud!

The taxes are being assessed via license-plate capturing cameras deployed throughout the city.

The tax is largely being levied against the poor who cannot afford newer luxury, low-emission vehicles.

But Londoners are not sitting around and idly accepting their government-dictated fate.

A few are fighting back. They call themselves Blade Runners and have vowed to

take down every single [ULEZ camera] no matter what.

They're not kidding. Watch this modern day Robin Hood slip up and take down the cameras with expert speed and agility.

And another:

One of the Blade Runners, a father in his mid-forties, said that he personally has stolen more than 30 ULEZ cameras.

There are 24 hours in a day. We either fight it or accept it. We do whatever we can. What we will achieve by our actions is the removal of the infrastructure and waking up the sleeping masses to what is really going on.

Reports suggest they've disabled or stolen more than a quarter of the cameras currently in the city.

And everyday citizens in London are celebrating the outlaws as heroes.

The Sheriff of Nottingham, aka the London Police, has launched "Operation Eremon" to stop the Blade Runners, though they've not released any details of what that operation entails.

I suspect there will be an archery tournament followed by the kidnapping of Maid Marian to lure the group out into the open.

Hopefully, the rightful king of England will return to end the climate madness before it's too late.

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