Londoners got a surprise fireworks show for New Year's Eve including a surprise raised BLM fist, and a surprise tribute to the EU from which they just escaped.
· Jan 1, 2021 ·

London Mayor Sadiq Khan teamed up with the BBC to produce a surprise fireworks and drone-enabled light show for New Year's Eve, so you know it was going to be designed to bring the country together in a spirit of unity, common purpose, and love of country.

Just kidding!

In reality, it was more like a $2,000,000 virtue-signalling yard sign.

It all started out as so many government endeavors do, with a bald-faced lie.

There will be no fireworks.

Londoners were encouraged to hole up at home, alone and isolated, the better that their moral superiors could design a show without their interference or, heaven forbid, resulting in people leaving their homes to watch the show.

Labour's Mayor of London kept the taxpayer-funded event a mystery to avoid crowds gathering during the pandemic.

Yes, it was a lie, a premeditated and orchestrated one, but one of those good lies, the kind that serves a higher purpose, the kind of lie a parent tells children for their own protection since they are simply incapable of making those kinds of decisions on their own.

The show was technically impressive, and if you were of a certain political persuasion, you no doubt found it inspiring, but if you weren't...

Well, just picture a fireworks show in New York or Washington featuring drones recreating MAGA hats in the sky.

Among the more overtly political messages was the one in which a BLM fist was outlined by the drones over London.

Keep in mind, BLM is an unapologetic Marxist organization with a political agenda to "defund" the police, and diminish the influence of the nuclear family.

There was also a celebration of the National Health Service, the UK's state-run health care system. Nothing like watching the government use your money to let you know how wonderful they are.

There was also a globalist environmental message as illustrated by a turtle with the continent of Africa outlined on its shell because... actually, I have no idea what that had to do with anything.

A sea turtle is often used to represent the hazards plastic in the ocean can have on ocean life, and Africa is... a continent.

Maybe you have to be woke for that one.

There was also a nod to the EU that the UK managed to finally extricate itself from just days earlier. (Mild language warning.)

There were some non-political messages, such as this tribute to "Captain Tom," who raised enormous amounts of money for the NHS.

Some observers however could not help but notice an uncanny resemblance to Bernie Sanders.

While the show included both totally apolitical messages and clearly progressive ones, you know what was missing?

Anything remotely pro-conservative. Nothing about Brexit other than non-subtle swipes at it, nothing.

And the message intended, one paid for by all Londoners, was clearly received.

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