Mad respect to this tiny little toothless rescue mutt for saving his brother from a vicious coyote attack
· Jun 4, 2023 ·

Coyotes are the worst. Nasty, greasy, sneaky little chop-licking canine murder machines. You love to see one get its comeuppance...

But even if you don't have a gun you can still get the job done, as Vinny proves to us:

Vinny, an 11-year-old, 10-pound dog who has lost all but three of his teeth hasn't lost his bark or his bite.

Backyard surveillance cameras caught Vinny rescuing his baby brother Harley from the jaws of a coyote that sneaked through a partially open gate and snatched the puppy up by the neck...

Sounds just like a coyote's m.o. And what's more, there was apparently a second coyote just outside the gate, waiting to eat the pup alive.

But Vinny wasn't going to let either of them get away: He "heard Harley's terrified yelps and streaked across the yard, straight at the much bigger coyote." Here's what happened:

Our boy just rolled that coyote up like it was a living room rug. Nothing to it. And yes, this pooch is pretty much toothless:

Harley ended up needing a considerable amount of stitches, but thankfully he'll survive. Vinny's proud owners, meanwhile, are still trying to figure out how to reward him:

"I'd give him a steak but he has no teeth."

Put that steak through a food processor for a few minutes and it'll be ready for him. Good doggo!

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