Unhinged Lincoln Project clowns dox attorneys working for Trump campaign in creepy and threatening fashion
· Nov 11, 2020 · NottheBee.com

I don't think they mean "American Idol" famous, either.

Here's a better idea, let's make The Lincoln Project famous for their threats, but without the ickiness.

Here's the original tweet, which I have redacted to remove the most creepy parts.

Deleted Lincoln Project Tweet

They had originally posted, names, phone numbers, email addresses, and pictures.

And asked people "make them famous."

Nothing menacing here. Well, there was the skull and crossbones emoji that followed the "make them famous" line.

Maybe they just like pirate movies.

This was too much, even for Jack Dorsey, and Twitter removed the tweet as it was "in violation of the Twitter Rules on abusive behavior."

Think about that. This attained a level that even Jack Dorsey thought went a tad too far.

You'd think the people running The Lincoln Project, who are presumably human beings with families of their own, would be chastened by the disciplinary measure.

You'd have thought wrong. Called out for their creepy, dangerous doxing, they doubled down.

Where to begin.

"Donald Trump's encouragement of harassment of American democracy is undemocratic, potentially dangerous, and counterproductive."

This is based on the enduring American principle that we must count every vote until our guy wins and then shut up.

And how do you "harass" democracy exactly? Sit outside democracy's house at night revving your motorcycle engine? Sign democracy up for magazine subscriptions it never asked for? What is the charge here other than availing themselves of a legal system and working through the proper channels? It's not like they are making veiled threats of violence against political opponents as a totally random example I just plucked out of the air.

"Whatever you think of the Administration's legal arguments, targeting the sanctity of our elections is immoral & ineffective."

Paging "non-sequitur," your table is ready.

"Whatever you think of the Administration's arguments, it doesn't matter because ORANGE MAN BAD."

They are asking their readers to create LinkedIn accounts to further the harassment.

And their followers are slavishly doing as they have been instructed, repeating the words with which they have been inculcated.

Stunning. Brave.

The Lincoln project is reportedly going to launch an advertising campaign targeting not only the law firm, but their clients as well.

Transparent intimidation will never work, right? Every decent American, no matter their political affiliation, will condemn this attack on free speech, freedom of association, and the practice of law.

Or, not.

Just for good measure, they are also going after public servants.

"She's a Trump appointee at the GSA who is declining to sign the letter authorizing the Biden transition to begin."

Perhaps because there is no transition to begin yet?

"Give her a call..."

Which I'm sure will be thoroughly professional with very few profanities.

"... and tell her you want Biden treated like every other president-elect."

Sure, should he become one.

I am curious as to when the Overton Window expanded to include publishing pictures of young women and targeting them for harassment.

I'm guessing last Tuesday or thereabouts.


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